How It Works

It’s easy to hold a fundraiser or group booking at your local cinema with filmfundy.

Basically, you'll be holding a private screening of a blockbuster movie at your local cinema. You'll be charged less than it would normally cost to go to the movies, which means you can add a margin to that cost. That difference is the amount you'll raise for your cause. 

We'll set you up with your own online page for selling tickets and you can see who's brought tickets via a secure logon.

We'll also make marketing your event a breeze with social media posts written about your screening that you can share via social media, email or flyers and posters.

Let filmfundy take the stress out of fundraising - start with step 1: find your favourite cinema.

Step 1

Find your favourite cinema. Find out how much it costs and what films are available. 

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Step 2

Pick a film to watch. There's a film for every taste so think of the audience you'll be selling to and what they'd like.


Step 3

Book your screening by picking a date, then giving us your contact details and we'll finalize details by email.

Step 4

Sell tickets to your event from your very own profile page. You can market your screening on social media. 

The process is super easy. For more in-depth information please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. Otherwise, check out the Cinema page to find cinemas in your region, or make an enquiry. Remember our admin team are available on email at any time to assist:

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