Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy tickets to a screening?

Visit the Events page and select your region. If you know what cinema it's at you can check by that, or use the search bar to enter details that you know. Once you are on the selling page, tick the checkbox that you agree to the terms and conditions, then press the button "Get Tickets Now". You can then select the number of tickets you'd like and process your order online using your credit or debit card. 


What films can be screened?

Have a look at our Films page. It lists all the films that are about to be released that may be available for your screening. Some films may be available for fundraisers and private screenings before their release date. We’ve highlighted these films as screenings before the films release date tend to be popular.


Once you’ve selected a film and cinema where you’d like to screen it, we’ll confirm with you that your choice of cinema is able to screen that film. It may be possible to screen an older film. We’ll have to make enquiries to see if that’s the case. Unfortunately, due to Copyright Law we’re unable to screen a DVD that you own without approval from the exhibition rights owner.



How do I make a booking for a fundraiser or group booking?

Looking at details on the film you'd like to screen, you'll see a list of cinemas where you can view it. Click on the cinema where you'd like to hold your fundraiser. Here you can see the costs and how many seats their auditoriums hold. Click on the Book Now button to see what dates and times are available. Continue along the process and we'll be in touch to confirm your booking. 


If you find on the film page that there are no cinemas in your region listed as screening that film, click on the Make an Enquiry link and contact us about screening that film at your local cinema. We're growing and adding new cinemas to filmfundy every day, and would be happy to contact your local cinema and tee up your event for you. 


Once you’re happy with a particular film, date and cinema we’ll confirm the details and then create the profile page for your screening. Through your profile page, you’ll be able to sell tickets, see who's bought tickets, and promote your event on social media.



How much money will I make?

The amount you’ll make on your screening depends on several factors: the amount the cinema charges, how much you charge for tickets, and the number of seats for sale in the cinema. In our experience, successful groups make around $10 to $12 per ticket or anywhere from $800 to $1200 per screening (these results may not be typical and are stated to give a ballpark example of what might be expected).


What does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the policy at the cinema you’d like to screen at. Check the Cinema page to see information about the cinemas in your region. You'll see cost options there depending on what theatre you go with. If your local cinema isn't listed, then click on Make An Enquiry being sure to mention your preferred cinema of choice. We’ll advise costs once we receive your enquiry and the region you’d like to book in. Most cinemas charge on a per seat used basis, so you only pay for what you use. Minimum charges can apply. It’s rare, but some cinemas charge a flat rate fee to hire the whole cinema, even if no one comes. 


In addition to the cinema costs, filmfundy charges $29 for each confirmed screening which is paid from the proceeds of ticket sales. 


How do we pay the deposit and when is it due?

You can pay your deposit by internet banking or credit card via our site. Paying by credit card will incur an additional charge to cover transaction costs. We recommend paying by internet banking. Once your screening is set and your profile setup, we'll advise the due date for your deposit. Normally the deposit is due ten days before your screening. Typically you’ll be selling tickets well before the deposit is due. We will email you reminders as the deposit becoming due. If ticket sales cover the cost of the deposit you won't be required to pay it. 



How do I sell tickets to my event?

Once your booking is confirmed you’ll be directed to complete a form giving details about who you are and why you're holding your event. That information will be used to create your profile page from which tickets will be sold. 


People will be able to buy their tickets online using their debt or credit card. Any bank associated transaction charges for the purchase will be added to the cost of the tickets to your event.



How do we know who has bought tickets, how do we check their names off when they get to the cinema?

Everyone who buys a ticket receives a confirmation email with their name and number of tickets purchased. They can print out or show you that email on their phone to you. Your guest list will have who is coming and how many tickets they’ve bought. You can check people off the attendee list as they arrive.


What happens at the cinema when the screening is taking place?

The cinema will have all the information about your event. They will be expecting you. We’ll also provide you with information about when you should arrive, where to go and to whom to deal with at the cinema. If you’re having nibbles or hosting drinks prior to the screening they will assist with that. If the cost of your theatre is on a per-seat used basis, the cinema staff will count how many seats have been used and confirm this with you. If the cinema complex only hires out the theatre on a flat rate, then no count will be required.


Can I put on nibbles before the screening?
That depends on the cinema. You'll see notes about what extra services are available on their cinema page or when you make an enquiry if they're not yet signed up to filmfundy. A lot of cinemas will provide trestle tables and may even have a menu of items available for purchase for your event.


Can we do a raffle prior to the movie starting?
Yes, and we can even sell raffle tickets online as your guests are guying tickets to your screening. Before your screening you'll have a few minutes to make a draw or give a little thank you talk. Just discuss your needs with cinema staff when you arrive, and they'll help.


Can we include a drink or popcorn with each ticket sold?
We will inform you of any concession information when once we receive your enquiry. For some cinemas, it may be mandatory to buy a ticket and concession combo for each guest. Others offer it as an option if that’s something you’d like to do.


Can I play old films or films that aren’t on your film page?
Maybe. We’d need to investigate if it’s possible to get the rights to screen the film for your group. We can’t just play a DVD unfortunately as that’s a breach of copyright.


Can I put on a screening for a work function or social club?

Yes of course. While the far majority of our screenings are for groups or individuals wanting to fundraise we also organise screenings for any group even if they’re not selling tickets. We’ll set things up for your group slightly differently than for a fundraiser but you’ll still find it a breeze to set up and organise. Fill in the enquiry form and we’ll get it set up for you in no time.



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