More FM Mount Everest Challenge Movie Fundraiser

Support the More FM Mount Everest Challenge as we fundraise for the TECT Rescue Helicopter with a special advance screening of the new British comedy and true story, Military Wives.

If you aren't doing the challenge but would still love to donate - this is a fantastic way to do that, with a bunch of your friends - all funds go to TECT Rescue Helicopter.

So grab your gal pals and help us raise funds for an awesome local charity this year!

If you want to take part in the challenge and Climb Mauao 38 times in 50 days to raise funds with the MORE FM Mount Everest Challenge 2020. - register here Dates: Feb 16th - April 5th 2020.

Military Wives


1hr 52mins


M Offensive language & sexual references

Thrown together by life on a military base while their partners serve on a tour of duty in Afghanistan, a group of ordinary women find an unexpected way to raise their spirits and combat the isolating realities of being an army wife - by forming the first ever Military Wives' Choir.



Includes a 94 cent bank charge

Screening At:

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Tivoli Cinema Papamoa

Excelsa Centre, Upstairs, 4 Golden Sands Drive, Papamoa

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